A loud scream tore through the darkness where I floated and slapped me awake. Well, mostly. My eyelids felt like they carried the weight of all my problems, which is quite a lot, so I did my best to heft them open. It took a lot of concentration and a bit of frustration, but I […]


Look, we want what we want, even if the things we want do not want us. Not to make hasty conclusions, but at this point, it’s safe to say that money does not want you. You both have a toxic relationship, one where she keeps stringing you along, allowing you to bask in the belief […]


Utter darkness. Echoes of the national anthem rise to mix with the air already thick with with apprehension. A crowd sits in front of the tollgate, packed tightly in solidarity, armed with words of prayer, and the country’s flag. Fatigues, guns, and gunfire approach suddenly. Fear enters the group and sits in their midst, breathing […]


I must have squeezed the devil’s balls and incurred his wrath sometime in my infancy, because, how else can you explain all the misfortune that keeps befalling me? It didn’t take long after I was born for my mother to pass on to the other side—at least that’s what I was told. They said she […]