My hand trembles as I try to get the key into the padlock. For a second, I ignore my spineless fidgeting and hurriedly scan the unfamiliar neighbourhood where this compound stands, fear hovering over my shoulder and breathing down my neck as I do. It is serene; the street lights assuring illumination as night gradually […]


My biggest fear is sadness. As much as I’ve always known that I’m deathly terrified of being sad, I think I also just came to the realization that, currently, this is what scares me the most. I have many phobias, you know the usual, a fear of heights, of water, of a lot of things. […]


“Why does that shooting star look like it is heading towards us?” Ibinabo asked and bent her neck at an angle to get a better view of the sky, squinting as she did.  “That’s not possible, shooting stars can’t…wait,” Tonye tore his glance from Ibinabo’s lush lips that he had longed to kiss all night […]