His fetters were not heavy, rusty, metal links, Or a noose, tightening devotedly around his neck while he writhed. It was, ironically, a much smaller, less orthodox yoke than the more popular bondage tools-the gold band on the fourth finger of his left hand, slowly cutting off the supply of blood to the rest of […]


The old home stood in the clearing, overlooking the town. Two lovers lived there once, happily, I remember. Until, brick by brick, they raised a wall, right in the center of the house. A wall adorned with webs of deceit, spun from the lies they told. They painted it red, the color of ire, blood […]


I was like little red embers that glowed ever so slightly, dying, slowly. Grasping at straws, in a bid to save myself. A gust of wind. A whelming, toe-curling gush of air hit me. In it, I got a whiff of you; my oxygen. My embers flickered to life, igniting to a beautiful bright red. […]


Friday, July 15th 2016 10:27pm: He never thought he would ever get here. But here he was, bound and hanging by the wrists from the ceiling of a small, dank cell. The air was putrid from a body that was decaying in a corner behind him. The masked man gave him another heavy punch to […]


  Something’s missing, What it is, I do not know I search my belongings, painstakingly, Everything seems there, intact.   I hold my breath, Maybe it’s the carbon dioxide; maybe I’m expelling too much air But it lingers, along with a new-found feeling of wooziness So I breathe, out.   I hold on tight, to […]


Eyes closed, I started to feel myself fade away. Yet, it felt like I was becoming ME. I couldn’t explain it, but all my senses knew it, literally. I could smell everything, hear everything. I felt my body shrink, yet, I felt bigger. It was overwhelming. But it felt right. It was my destiny. The […]


Chinelo peered through the tinted window at the back seat of the SUV which slowed down as they arrived at the school gates. She watched the students troop into the school premises, exchanging hugs and handshakes as they chattered gaily and laughed heartily. “We’re here” Okoro said, beaming, in an attempt to cheer her up. […]